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Umbra, Argona, Rhodd Duw, Topeli, Stef Khar and... what's that one we never use? Oh yeah, Manannan.
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 Colin Weaver

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Colin Weaver

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PostSubject: Colin Weaver   Mon May 02, 2011 2:03 pm

Name: Colin Weaver

Race: Human

Age: 33

Magic/Skill: Evocation


History: Colin was born to Marian the daughter of Atropos who died while during birth. When he was old enough he was whisked away to Rhunbarad to become a defender. As a young man he studied the arts of Evocation and the sword and quickly grew to a greatly respected defender of the borders. He is known to be the youngest human to ever lead a border city and under his watch he successfully defended the city from two incursions by Ordinar raiders.

After nearly ten years of service in Rhunbarad he was asked to travel to the Ordinar kingdom of Argona to settle a trading dispute but was asked to stay even after it was settled. The leader of Argona really liked Colin and wanted him nearby as an Ambassador for Umbra. When word reaches him of war he traveled back to his home to find it quite different, his family now dead and a pretender as his families leader.
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Colin Weaver
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