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 Beriadan Dwinanea

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PostSubject: Beriadan Dwinanea   Mon May 02, 2011 2:05 pm

Name: Beriadan (Defender of Men) Dwinanea

Race: Half-Elf

Age: 80

Magic/Skill: Illusion

History: Beriadan was born into a harsh time. His mother, an elf, died in child birth. His father, Banegurth Dwinanea, was always away in Enedost working for the King and the Council as the family representative. In his free time, which he had much of, young Beriadan would practice on his illusions, he found out about his slills when he reached 6 years of age.

After years of practice, he has brought his skills up to that of other experts. With the influence of his father, he had some of the best training one could get. His father's influence did not stop helping him there. Due to his skills, and family influence Beriadan was appointed Captain to the Dwinanea army.

After taking the city of Endost back with Utrop's army. Beriadan was given the job of Chief of Guards in Royal Palace. This also included the guards who protected the city. Beriadan spends a great deal of time training guards to be like his Hounds. Fast, swift, and as deadly as can be.
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Beriadan Dwinanea
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