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 Onnyi Talos

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Name: Onnyi Talos

Race: Half-Elf

Age: 69

Physical Description:

Onnyi Talos How-Much-Prince-Of-Persia-Being-A-Game-Weighed-On-The-Films-Director


Onnyi is the half elven bastard of a Féachnóirí father and a Aleanvirrea mother that he never met, nor does he ever wish to. His mother's close family, believing that the child was a shame and an embarrassment, meant to have him destroyed upon birth. The father never knew of the child or the plan, he never knew he had a son. Onnyi's mother learned of the plan and hid herself for the birth among humans. The child, born healthy and with the cursed attributes of his father and the magic of his mother, was given the human family who had assisted in the birth. They were sworn to secrecy and the mother left, telling her family that the child died in birth. He was left to be raised by a farmer and his wife among four other siblings, all boys. Onnyi was the youngest of the children, his adoptive mother too old to have another child. He grew, happy in this small family and oblivious to the world from which he'd come.

At the age of 13 everything changed. An accident at the form led to an instinctive flare of magic save his father's life. However, the strange ability only bred fear and angry in his brothers. It was time for Onnyi to learn his past. The story only grew into a sense of anger and loss in the young man. He felt betrayed not only by his mother and father, but also by his adoptive family for not telling him the truth. He ran away, becoming a young soldier. He vowed never to learn to use the gifts that his mother and father had bestowed on him. They were a crutch and he would learn to live without it... to make his own mark upon the world.

Incredibly gifted in agility and speed, he became a warrior known for swift strikes and silent approach. No shield or heavy arm, but fluid movement, twists and turns among blades. It was the danger and the closeness of death that brought him the greatest high. His abilities led him from the life of a soldier into that of a mercenary and bounty hunter. Without a family or code to guide him, he has sold his skills to the highest bidder. Perhaps he is just an opportunist, or perhaps he is just waiting for something more compelling to fight for...
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Onnyi Talos
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