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 Adoeak Harpsorcerer

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PostSubject: Adoeak Harpsorcerer   Adoeak Harpsorcerer Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 2:15 pm

Name: Adoeak Harpsorcerer

Race: Elf rogue, Gyssetylar Clan

Age: 99

Magic: Evoker, specialist. Illusionist, novice

physical description: tall 6' 2", weight 185lbs medium build, light blonde hair, dark green eyes

History: born into the life of a blacksmith, adoeak lived a reasonable life within the surroundings of the Uialtum-Gyssetylar enclave.throughout his life, he trained under his father, crafting the most elegant swift swords that he ever saw in his young age, until, while still in his 80's he gained the chance to see the workmanship of thorin ovack, and became jealous of the workmanship placed into the arms and armor by ovack to the point that he became determined to one day visit the dwarf. even though the weapons and armor adoeak is considered extremely light compared to the work of thorin, thorin's craftsmanship over each and every item became an envious skill to adoeak.
five years later, adoeak left the sanctuary to go find the dwarf, at least to see thorin's work at his home enclave.during his journey, he encountered a life unexpected. the way people lived outside his own enclave was foreign, but interesting to learn about during his travels. one time, while resting from travelling for the night going through tarsus, he became surrounded and attacked by a pack of wolves. in the aftermath of resulting fight, two wolves lay dead and one injured, the rest fled. adoeak's injuries were serious, but not fatal as he took the wounded wolf and nursed it back to health while working on his own injuries. days later, the wolf became fond of adoeak, and so later followed by his side throughout the journey.with his wolf as, so far, the only companion on this journey, adoeak continues toward the dwinanea enclave, set on completeing his journey before joining the the preparation for the ill sounding winds of war
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Adoeak Harpsorcerer
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