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 Hania Kajika

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PostSubject: Hania Kajika   Mon May 02, 2011 2:17 pm

Name: Hania Kajika (Silent Spirit Warrior)

Race: Osalri

Age: 29

Physical Description: Tall, athletic, black eyes.


Hania was born on the island of Osalri to the Waya tribe. As a young man he was constantly tested in combat and hunting as is tradition within his family. At thirteen he was sent out into the wild to fend for himself and survive the natural harshness of the world. After five years he returned triumphant and was given his first mark of manhood(tattoo). Over the years he has been given many different marks, so much so his body is literally covered in many of them, some are for hunting exploits and others are his success in battle. There is only one he finds to be distasteful, the mark of a wolf, given only when someone kills one of their own kind. Though he was forced into the fight he still regrets having to kill the man who chose to face him.

The different tribes all knew of the Umbrians who came to their island, but the Waya were by far the most cautious, as in their nature. When they finally got to know them better they were able to learn many things from them, such as their language. While Hania learned the language he did not spend much time with the strangers and when he was asked to go to Umbra he at first was hesitant, but he had little choice in the matter. Cautious and steadfast, Hania does not see Umbra as a possible ally to be won over, he instead sees a possible enemy who can destroy the Osalri in the future.
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Hania Kajika
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