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 Kai Tadewi

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PostSubject: Kai Tadewi   Mon May 02, 2011 2:17 pm

Name: Kai (willow tree) Tadewi (wind)

Race: Human/Osalri

Age: 25

Physical Description: Tall and slender, with dark hair and pale green eyes

in animal form, a clouded leopard


Kai grew up in a small village tucked into the cliffs above the sea. Her people are naturally seclusive, staying mostly to themselves around the mountainous western coast of the island of Osalri. They are not unfriendly, but simply prefer solitude most of the time. From the time she was a young girl her mother, a shaman, trained her in the healing arts of the Osalri people. Kai resisted though, wanting to go out and adventure like her older brothers. However she was a dutiful girl and did as her mother said. But when she was 15 a temptation came that she couldn't resist. The travelers from Umbra offered to teach some of the Osalri, teach them language and history that the island people didn't know.

Against her mother's wishes she left the mountain home and travelled down into the lowlands of the island to meet the Umbran explorers. She stayed with another tribe of Osalri people while learning from the Umbrans, and found that this tribe would let her learn the way to be an Osalri scout. This was another dream come true for her and she practiced those skills wanting to show her brothers, some day, that she could be as good as they.

When the explorers decided they had been gone too many years from their homeland and announced they would be leaving, she was one of the first to go to them and ask to accompany them on their journey home. It frightened her to leave her family entirely, but she'd been gone for so long now and her new friends were all very different from her already. She considered it a preparation for the adventure she was about to undertake.
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Kai Tadewi
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