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 Sewati Otaktay

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PostSubject: Sewati Otaktay   Mon May 02, 2011 2:19 pm

Name: Sewati (Curved Bear Claw) Otaktay (Kills Many)

Race: Osalri

Age: 27

Physical Description: Medium-tall, tanned skin, athletic, brown-black hair, brown eyes. Very strong.


Sewati was born deep in the forests of Osalri, in a village that was his ancestral home. The clan had established itself there because of it's suspicious nature. Even among the Osalri, on their secluded island, trust came only when earned. They village was built along a river because the primary diet of the people was fish that they caught a variety of ways. They would eat meat and fowl if fish were not plentiful, but they tended to esched fruits and vegetables.

Where other tribes develop their gifts early, the people of Swewati's form were slower, only reaching their full abilities at around adulthood. At that time, when they have passed their final test of their skills, they are given one tattoo that surrounds the left pectoral on the males, and the left breast on the females. It is only when that tattoo is applied that they are allowed to mate or even court the opposite sex.

They were the last people to learn of the travelers from Umbra, being as secluded and secretive as they were. They immediately distrusted the strangers and their bizarre, unnatural magics. They did not receive their magic from the Spirit of the Land, and therefore had to get them from the Dark Ones. Through much mediation by the other tribes, they came to finally allow contact with the Umbrans. Sewati was chosen to be one of the group from his clan that would associate with the foreigners, even to go to their land if the opportunity arose.

He was cautious though civil, always careful to let them know only what the tribe wanted them to. At the same time, he sought to learn all he could about them. If it came to war, it was always good to know as much as possible about the enemy.
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Sewati Otaktay
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