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 Chayton Mapiya

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PostSubject: Chayton Mapiya   Mon May 02, 2011 2:20 pm

Name: CHAYTON=falcon MAPIYA=sky

Race: Osalri

Age: 26

Long and lean with a mane of black silken hair,piercing golden brown eyes in her human form.

As a hawk (Accipitriformes + Falconiformesshe) is chocolate and red colored feathers with eyes as sharp as can be, razor sharp talons and a beak that can rip you apart in seconds.

History: As her mother gave birth to her fifth child it bore the mark of the hawk, a great honor to be marked in her village. There home was nestled between the mountains, forest and plains. As a young child growing up in the Wohali Tribe, she learned many things but her skills as a marked one those were taught to her by the village Sharman. On the day of her fifteenth Chayton or as her family called her Chay after time was placed within the Osalri Scouts. She excelled at using her animal in the many mock battles, with here eyes and ears she could pinpoint with accuracy

At this time the visitors from Umbra offered to teach the willing and Chay was soon sent down with the others in the nearby tribes to the low lands. Here they learned different things that seemed odd to her, but she met many new friends and tribes. She was happy these many years until the death of the leader. After Lord Solisar's death the remaining group wanted to head back home, fifty years were to long to be away. An opportunity like this was not offered so she latched at the opportunity to see what laid beyond the sea.
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Chayton Mapiya
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