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 High Septon

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High Septon
High Septon

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Public Knowledge:

Name: High Septon, formerly Septon Cole

Your Divine, Your Holiness, Your Most Devout (or Pious), The Anointed (or Exalted) One, The Ordained (or Chosen) One, The Voice of Altus (or the Almighty) and any variations are all acceptable names by which you may refer to the High Septon.

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: The High Septon was here from the beginning of time and will be here until the end times. The soul of the High Septon lives on though his form may change occasionally.

Physical Description: The High Septon wears the traditional robe and hood as commanded by the One. It is a great sin for anyone besides those on a higher plane of existence, nobility and fellow Septons, to look directly upon the High Septon's face.

History: There is no life before septonhood. That whom is chosen is merely a puppet which the Almighty uses as He sees fit. All acts of the High Septon are to be seen as acts from the One God that watch over all.


*Private Knowledge:

Name: née Clare Franklinn, pre-septonhood took the up the name Clarence Fudlin

Gender: Female

Age: 48

Physical description: Tall, slender, narrow, small-chested, shaven head, blue almost grey eyes.

Magic: Primary- Divination, Secondary- Illusion (used primarily to hide her true visage)

History: Born in a small village in Topeli, Clare was schooled as best any child could in an ever-changing environment. Living on the trade routes at age 11, Clare met a Septon who changed her life. He told her she was special and could serve Altus like no other in Topeli. All she needed to do was follow Septon Talane's instruction and he assured her she would blessed with Altus' acceptance of her. Clare agreed to leave her family behind and return to Argona with Septon Talane. He told her she was the first marked he'd found, though he was disappointed Clare was female. In an attempt to please her new mentor, Clare donned boy's clothing, cut her hair and gave herself a new name: Clarence Fudlin.

At the House of Altus, Clarence continued his studies of the Prime as well as learning to perfect her forbidden magic under the close watch of Septon Talane. While she was a student, she watched with much envy as Septon Talane rise from teacher to headmaster and Septon of the church of the city, Porro and soon to the rank of High Septon. With her schooling finished and seeing much potential in Clarence, the High himself gave her the name Cole, which she would use during her septonhood. Septon Cole quickly rose to Porro. It was during her time as Porro that she began to thirst for more power. She waited years before the High died and named her the next High as commanded upon him by Atlus.

She has been High Septon for seven long years using fear and the word of Altus to intimidate and keep power over the people of the kingdoms, including the respective kings.

*Note: This information is known to a only select few.
Anyone claiming to know any of the above information without
my permission will be killed as that is the will of Altus.
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High Septon
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