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 Septon Mace, Knight and Commander of the Temple and School of Altus in Umbra

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Sir Mace Lughnor
Sir Mace Lughnor

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Septon Mace, Knight and Commander of the Temple and School of Altus in Umbra Empty
PostSubject: Septon Mace, Knight and Commander of the Temple and School of Altus in Umbra   Septon Mace, Knight and Commander of the Temple and School of Altus in Umbra Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 2:25 pm

Name: Sir Mace Lughnor, formerly Porro to the High Septon

: Human/Argona

: 40

Physical Description
: tall, blond, short hair and clean shaven, pale blue eyes

Primary Magic:
Secondary: Divination


Mace Lughnor was born to a family of townspeople in Argona. His parents ran leather shop, making saddles and the like. It was a simple but good life, one that seemed ordinary. However, when Mace was three years old everything changed. His mother was the first to notice the appearance of a strange mark on the skin of his back. A small blemish with the unusual shape of a serpent.

His first memories, were not of his parents. Sure, there were vague images in his head, but he didn't know their names, or where they were, or where he was from. The first things he remembered were the halls of the House of Altus and the man who was his teacher, Septon Raidel. He was told from a very young age that he had been chosen by Altus to serve a very special purpose. That he was to be a tool that would be used to cleanse the lands, making Argona and its neighbors into a unified land, that his soul purpose in life was to follow the mandates of the Prime as dictated by the High Septon, who spoke directly to Altus himself.

His entire world as he grew up was controlled by the high septons of the Temple of Light. Therefore he grew to become a true believer of the faith, adhering to its teachings almost perfectly, and believing in his heart that the High Septon was indeed the mouth of Altus. His training began as a young child, the inductees were given only a few hours each week to themselves, every other waking moment was spent in learning the teachings of Altus and developing the skills given to them by the god.

They were taught that magic was a gift from Altus, bestowed upon chosen men and women only. They were instructed that there was a perversion to this gift though. The mages of Umbra used a magic that did not originate from Altus and therefore it was a blasphemy for it to exist. The prime mandated that this magic be obliterated from the lands, once that was achieved the blessing of Altus could be spread to all people.

In this atmosphere Mace grew to be one of the promising of the septons and through the years he proved his worth many times. He was relentless in his search for the Marked. He was ruthless but was also capable of fairness in the eyes of other Septons. He demonstrated a dedication to the Prime that was an example for others to follow. These things brought him to the attention of the High Septon and as the years went by he had reached the pinnacle of success in being ordained as the Porro to the High Septon. The one individual with complete access to the High Septon, and the right to use the power of that name in the High's stead when needed. The only thing separating them was that the High Septon was indeed divine, able to speak and interpret the words of Altus in truth.
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Septon Mace, Knight and Commander of the Temple and School of Altus in Umbra
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