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 Loraaga Gladomain the Archer

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Lady Loraaga Gladomain

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PostSubject: Loraaga Gladomain the Archer    Mon May 02, 2011 2:27 pm

Physical Description:

Full Name: Loraaga Lilac Woodsoul Gladomain
Species: Full elf
Gender: Female
Height: 6' 4" (1.8288 m)
Age: 119
Expert: Envoker
Specialist: Abjuration
Sense Spell: Veritavide
Weight:181 lbs (82 kg.)
Hair Color: Dark; Browns and Reds
Eye Color: Pale green with gold
Spouse:Hania Kajika


Lady Loraaga Gladomain is an only child of Leoamros Gladomain and Lady Graceella Woodsoul, she was raised in a loving family. Her Mother is a famous story teller, singer and an Enchanteress. Her Father was a wizard and a Master at Abjuration and Alteration, he was also a well known Animal Handler for the Kingdom.

Loraaga was very close to her father who doted on his only offspring, they would often be gone for long stretches at a time as they traveled the forest and surrounding areas. He taught her all he knew about the animals and plants. She was better at the arts of Evocation and Illusion though.

Leoamros was shocked when his young daughter showed her skill on one of their excursions. A pack of wild night Maaroverines who only ventured out to hunt in the darkness of night came upon them while they studied a rare night blooming bush. Loraaga was scared for her father who was trying to communicate with the animals and was failing as they continued to approach them. As she saw the situation was life threatening she touched the face or the rock wall they were trapped against, sheds of light as bright as full daylight fanned out in a 35-foot radius, as the beasts yelped as the blinding light hurt there night vision, they ran away.

Soon after that her father no longer took her out at night. Many years later he was killed in an attack with the trolls, the family was changed after that. Her mother took on more and Loraaga studied to excel and became a expert with the bow, soon she showed great leadership skills. As her Uncle Lymus Woodsoul of the Gyssetylar clan promised his sister Lady Graceella he would watch out for her daughter as she left the area to the Kingdom of Umbra.

Once there she was tossed into studies for the future, as the years went by she met many elves, when she was sixty one in particular caught her eye. A handsome young elf, Panian Forgedawn the Silent Fighter. Whose was very skilled with words as well as a sword, with his golden hair and green eyes he swept her off her feet, literally as they would be lost for days in the forest. After his studies were completed he left for duties for the kingdom and she never saw he again. Loraaga not long after learned of her pregnancy much to her uncles disdain. He had her keep it quite as he took her to the family conclave until the birth. He wanted her to follow a certain path and convinced Loraaga to let a young elf who lost her child to raise Thandie as she named the blond babe, for many years she studied hard under her uncles tutoring and had little free time to find Panian or Thandie. The child was soon not thought of as often, she had regrets time to time but convinced herself she did the right thing. As the young girl grew up in the huge castle, Loraaga was off in the city.

Her uncle was pleased as she became a well known Sorceress who was an Expert Evoker, Specialist in both Abjuration and Alteration from her father and an Apprentice Illusionist, she was also a fierce warrior with her bow. Loraaga was taught more of the political parts of the city she became distrustful of the Half-Elves as they seemed to have there own agenda. Lord Woodsoul soon needed someone to take over the family as he was gone longer dealing with the Kingdoms leaders, he soon appointed her as the Leader of the House, much to some of the clans dismay.[/font]
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Loraaga Gladomain the Archer
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