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 Thandie Taletreader

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PostSubject: Thandie Taletreader   Mon May 02, 2011 2:31 pm

NAME: Thandie Taletreader (Shield Ranger)
NICKNAME: Than, Andie (by humans)
GENDER: Female
AGE: 58
HEIGHT: 6’-1”
WEIGHT: 170 lbs.
EYES: Bright Green
PARENTS: Daughter of Lady Loraaga Gladomain and Sir Panian Forgedawn
(Recently reunited with Loraaga Gladomain after the Battle of Imladannon)
ADOPTED PARENTS: Xankas Taletreader and Stoaga Taletreader


Thandie was adopted by a common elf family Xankas Taletreader (the Ranger) and his wife Stoaga Taletreader (the Sorceress). Thandie grew up with her parents always on the move traveling, wondering but never staying in the same place to long. She didn’t mind all the moving around though she wished she could’ve explored on her own more. They were very protective of where she would explore. Nor did Thandie have much schooling or interest in it really. She did not have the opportunity to learn magic since they never stayed in one place long enough to have a private Tudor. At the age of ten Thandie started to suspect that her parents weren’t really her parents, she did not look or act like either one of them. Nor did she possess any of the powers her mother had (that she knew of). Once her mother told Thandie about the bond between elves that was suppose to be between her and her family that is when Thandie she realized her parents were never her parents.

She was close to her father for they had similar skills. Her mother was over protective and Thandie was ashamed she didn’t have any powers. Instead Xankas taught her the use of a sword and she quickly mastered it. The sword felt like a natural extension of her body. She would spend hours working on the drills that became second nature. But once her eyes rested on a bow, a certain need to pick it up came over her. The look shared between Xankas and Stoaga as they both refused her attempts to try it. Thandie not only fought with them on the issue and lost but instead they had her hone her skills with the sword. There was an elegance to the bow that she had to explore so she went back to the village and stole the bow. No one noticed her, for Xankas had taught her how to blend in and not be seen. She was attached and enjoyed shooting the bow, but she always returned to what she still loved the most, the sword. Xankas hoping that Thandie would become a ranger like himself with her skills with a sword and bow they found later in her possession, and continue to wonder.

As the years pass, Thandie finally confronted her parents about being adopted, they didn’t deny it. She thanked them for all that they had done but wished to know her true name. Stoaga had told her that her real mother had died in childbirth and that they didn’t know her name. And the father was unknown to them. Thandie didn’t believe Stoaga that her mother had died something in her heart that was so subtle was telling her otherwise.

Thandie decided it was time for her to go and chase this bond that was so subtle and distant but she knew it was there and that her mother was alive. She told her parents she would be right back, she needed to get some things that she had forgotten still at the stream. Xankas knew she never left anything and grabbed her hand, he gave her a slight smile knowing that she would not be coming back and let her go. From that day forward, Thandie started her search to look for her birth mother.
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Thandie Taletreader
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