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 Ekkalia Paturass Nightowl

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PostSubject: Ekkalia Paturass Nightowl   Ekkalia Paturass Nightowl Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 2:36 pm

Physical Description:
Full Name: Ekkalia Paturass Nightowl
Species: Full elf
Age: 169
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 8" ( m)
Weight:128 lbs ( kg.)
Hair Color: Sable
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Spouse: None
Children: Two
Divination:: Expert (Primary)
Necromancy :: Apprentice (Secondary)
Aerimperito:: (to rule the mood) The SMELL spell allows a Mage to pick up a person's mood (nervousness, fear, arousal, agitation, excitement etc.) and control it, making the person feel the way the Mage wants. The spell drains one more when the person under the spell uses mind protective spells.

Ekkalia Paturass Nightowl 010


Early Life:

Ekkalia Paturass Nightowl was taken from her family at the early age of five by the Sisters of Artemus. She had been playing with a group of children that the sisters were watching when she tried to turn a human boy into a frog but of course had no idea how to do it, and stomped off away from the others to sulk. The three sisters did not see her ears and assumed she was one of the humans she was playing with. The Sisters of Artemus secretly spied out human children who showed natural ability of magic and, often without the parents’ approval, snatched the young mages with them. After the three were well on there way with the three children did they find out she was not human but an elf, the women put the spelled children to sleep as they decided what to do with the elf. Sister Mavis wanted to leave her and continue on to the compound whereas Sister Elrima--the one who made the error in the first place--thought this cruel and offered to take the elf with them. The lead mage Sister Halyn stared at the sleeping Ekkalia, a plan started to form. As they had never tried nor had the opportunity to train an elf she approved the idea and soon they were back on the road.

The Compound was formed in secret by the King after the Topeli Knights started the war. The magical fortress was hidden in a spelled area south of Brispon near the tip of Argona in plain sight for hundreds of years; the Compound helped the Marked harness their skills for some unknown upcoming battle the Oracles had foreseen. In a twisted way Sister Halyn felt they would be able to help the young Ekkalia of Argona better then the fleeing elves themselves.

Things were at a terrible time for the Sisters. The Septons had pushed and enforced their ways so that all feared being found. Rumors had been whispered that all the Mages were going to be exiled as the Septons would split the magical from the devout.

Ekkalia learned a bit of each of the seven forms of magic the Sisters taught at the Compound, some better than others as she practiced on any person or animal that came her way. She was a quick learner and soon found herself in trouble for using her abilities for her own gain at the age of nine. Sister Halyn took her to see the Mother of the Compound, and was surprised by what she saw: the woman looked like no mother or sister she had ever met before. The two hundred and seventy-eight year old head of the Sisters of Artemus appeared to be in her early hundreds and looked so unmotherly that Ekkakia was at first confused. The meeting with her proved to be an asset and a hindrance as the shrewd woman laid out her plans for the young elf. Elder Mother had a plan of her own and had Ekkalia sequestered for seven years until the girl turned into a young woman. Exhibiting incredible scrying abilities, Ekkalia was then brought back into the fold. Elder Mother used Ekkalia and others of similar ability under her control to help her increase her power in the fight against the Septon’s.

A few years later Sister Elrima errored once more as she was taken by the Septons. Their intense and cruel interrogations of the woman led them to the Compounds location. Soon the children of various ages and abilities and the Sisters were in a fierce battle.

Sisters Halyn, Belar and Alexandra ushered as many students as they could to the underground river and onto small boats, the last boat housed Ekkalia. They heard the Septons killed all above and now were on there way down the hidden passageway to them. The three Women were joined by five more Sisters, and some of the older charges as they fought to let the boats escape to the sea and a waiting ship.

Sisters Halyn, Belar and Alexandra saw this as the opportunity to join in a spell that brought what was left of the burning compound down on top of the zealots. With the death of all they knew, only three Sisters along with two young adults dove into the river and swam out to the last boat, escaping with Ekkalia from the only home she had known.

They traveled around the rest of Argona toward the sequester lands of Umbra. During the voyage the Sisters manipulated the crew and soon the ship that went into the mouth of Tarsus was of another design. The sailors did not remember much of their twenty-four young passengers who they thought were thirteen and the three women only that they seemed wealthy, quiet and kind. Sisters Halyn, Belar and Alexandra soon had the small group in a home off the shores of Genova Port which they had purchased with funds they had made during the voyage from their initial starter coins. As the years passed the Sisters performed services for the wealthy at a profit as the remaining twenty-four learned to fit in with the common folk. A few weeks after they landed in this new life Ekkalia finally saw another that had ears like hers. She had always been self-conscious of how she was different from the other children and had always hid and tried to spell her ears to look more like them.

The younger wards were placed in prosperous families homes all around Umbra. The older ones were used to serve the women until they felt they could go. As she felt more at ease in Genova she and a few others wanted to leave the new prison the Sisters had made for them and a battle of wills started.

Young Adult Life:


Ekkalia had told no one of her life before she landed on the shores of Genova Port those three years ago. Which ship she disembarked from no one knew as she stood just off the dock, the busy port filled with people. With a handsome cloak and clothes made of finely spun silk she exited the quay, for that was when her life really started, in Tarsus.

If you looked into her belongings you would have found a letter, tattered from the constant folding and unfolding. The names of Karl and Paul, her sons who were off who knew where, were etched in a spelled locket with tuffs of their hair. Deep in her trunk of clothing were also two books of spells and codes, with pages added, and in the spine a well-used quill.
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Ekkalia Paturass Nightowl
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