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 Trevor Petri

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Trevor Petri
Trevor Petri

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Name: Trevor Petri

Race: Human

Age: 35

Magic: Conjuration, Alteration

Physical Description:
Trevor Petri 03C003C000767494-photo-stuart-townsend


Trevor was born to the family Petri, a sub family within the Riccio clan, he was trained to be a soldier for the army most of his life with his large family. Though his skill did not pertain to combat he still was able to hold his own with his siblings and when he came of age he was drafted into the clan's army. Thought he was always a formidable warrior Trevor never rose through the ranks quickly, he found those who held true Riccio blood were always promoted faster and with little effort, but as any good soldier he held his tongue and followed orders.

When Trevor was twenty he was ordered to burn the home of a half elf family living in southern Tarsus, he refused and was stripped of his rank and title before beaten and forced to watch as the home was burned despite his protests. After a short trial he was sentenced to death and awaited his execution in the prison of Genova.

There in the dark and dank caverns of the dungeon is where he met the man who would change his life forever, the man told him he was part of the Obscurum Order, a long forgotten society of men like him who had been shunned by their families. The man heard of Trevor's plight and wished to help him, wary to trust anyone Trevor questioned how he could help him when he too is trapped in the cell next to him. The man promised two things, that he would be free and that he would have the chance to change his circumstances, all he asked in return was that Trevor bring a message to a person in Enedost by the name of Baelathali. Trevor seeing no alternative swore to it and watched as the man took his appearance and gave Trevor his own. When the guards came and took him away all he could see is the smile on the face that was his own. Moments later another guard took Trevor from his cell and threw him out onto the street, he did not hesitate as he moved to the gates as soon as possible and when he heard the city raise the alarm he knew the man's ruse had worked and that the man died for him.

When Trevor reached Enedost he had no idea how he would manage to find the man who he swore to give the message to. The feeling was short lived, when he walked down the alley of the city he found himself in another world that he had never read about. The people there recognized the man as being from Tarsus and grabbed him throwing a sack over his head, Trevor had little choice but to go with them as the weariness of the past few days took its toll. When the sack was finally removed he was face to face with a half elf he looked at him with curiosity, Trevor being unsure of how to handle the situation explained to him what had happened and what he was in Enedost to do. The man listened without saying a word until he had finished and then released Trevor from his ties. He explained that it was he who he sought and that he was grateful for the man bringing him news about the man and his death.

Over the next few days he recuperated from what had happened and found the people to be very kind and generous with what little they had. Most of them being half elven were held down by the people he had served and some even by his own family, but most seemed to not hold a grudge. When he was well enough to travel he went to Baelathali and told him he needed to return home and see his family. Baelathali informed him that his family had been informed of Trevor's dishonor, and that they disowned him. Trevor felt devastated by the betrayal of his own family but was comforted when Baelathali told him about the Order. While he painted a perfect picture nothing he could say would ease his pain fully. It was not until he met an elf named Alaesdair, a master diviner working for the Order that he truly understood, after that he went to Baelathali and joined the Order officially.

Trevor found much satisfaction in working with the men and women within the Order and found that bloodlines and race made no difference in this world, the best were given greater responsibility and power. Everyday he strove to be better and he rose quickly through the ranks until he became one of the highest ranked within the Order.

Trevor now finds himself within a family torn between the old and the new, while he has much respect for what is trying to be accomplished he knows it will not be easy. In time he will find that his life is now just beginning, and that everything he has done was just to prepare him for the fight ahead, a fight he knows they will win, at any cost.
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Trevor Petri
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