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Umbra, Argona, Rhodd Duw, Topeli, Stef Khar and... what's that one we never use? Oh yeah, Manannan.
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 Septon Samuel

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PostSubject: Septon Samuel   Mon May 02, 2011 2:43 pm

Name: Samuel

Race: Human

Age: 37

Magic: Evocation, Abjuration

Physical Description: Tall, blond, athletic.


Samuel was born in the Manannan city of Rosslare, he was taken by the Septons before he was old enough to even speak. His schooling was much like any other boy taken by the septons, each one was taught how to use Altus' gifts given to him. When he was a little older he found friendship in a fellow school mate by the name of Mace, both of them were quicker to learn then their classmates. It was not until he grew into a young man that the two were separated when Samuel was sent to Manannan to learn from the septons there.

Within the sea lands of Manannan he proved worthy of the title and became a full septon soon after, these deeds caused the High Septon to take notice. After a short time in Raina as a Brodurr he was called by the High Septon to travel throughout Manannan to find Marked. This has been his job for many years, continuously proving his faith and conviction in the Prime. This job has also allocated him more privileges than most septons including the freedom to travel as he sees fit. These freedoms are given to him due to his unwavering loyalty to the Prime and the High Septon. He performs the duties assigned without reservation or doubt, because of this he has never questioned the Prime or the High Septon which has garnered trust.
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Septon Samuel
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