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 Marcus Caron

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PostSubject: Marcus Caron   Mon May 02, 2011 2:44 pm

Name: Marcus Caron

Race: Human, Bowman clan

Age: 30

School of magic: Transmuter, specialist

History: Along with his older brother, Dacian, Marcus spent most of his life in the town of Wrathgard in the province of Amondor. At the age of 16, just like most men who hoped to do career in army, he was sent to Enedost where he received proper education in his discipline of magic, Alternation, along with training in sword fighting, horse riding and archery.

While Dacian grew fast in hierarchy of army and soon became one of Bowman's Captains, Marcus admired his brother and served in the same cohort. When Aeron Perian killed Dacian at the battle of Enedost, Valora Bowman, the soon to be leader, chose Marcus for a new Captain who was to take over Dacian's duties.

Marcus agreed wanting to follow Dacian's footsteps and protect Valora whom his brother loved dearly. Somewhere on his way he got confused between his own feelings and the strong sense of duty and loyalty towards his dead brother and hence he fell also for the Bowman leader. Being her personal assistant and the most important man in her life apart from her brother, General Arcavius Bowman, Marcus remained at Valora's side.

Things changed when Marcus learned about Valora's reckless idea to marry Baelathali Ladenves. It was then that he started to question his commitment to the Bowman leader.
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Marcus Caron
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