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 King Kazimier Edwards IV

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PostSubject: King Kazimier Edwards IV   Mon May 02, 2011 2:46 pm

Name: Kazimier Edwards IV

Race: Human, Ordinar

Age: 45

Skill: Swordsman

Kazimier was the second son born to the king of Argona in the capital of Brispon. As the second born he had less expectations placed upon him but this gave him a much closer relationship with his father, his brother however had to endure the endless classes to prepare him for the procedures and traditions of the kingdoms. While he learned these as well there was no pressure for him and so his life was easier by comparison, while his brother began to resent his birthright and father but at the same time always kept his brother as a close friend.

After Kazimier turned eighteen he was sent off to the army serving on the borders and within the kingdom under an assumed name to protect him from any enemies and preferential treatment. Gaining respect of his peers and those under him he rose through the ranks until he became one of the most prolific officers in the Argonan army.

After many years in the army he returned home to Brispon to become adviser to his brother. It was then that he found Kara and fell madly in love, after a few years of courtship they married and she bore him a daughter Marion. It seemed as if everything in his life was perfect, until his father became deathly ill, he and his brother sat by the side of their father as he died and when time came for his brother to take the mantle of king he crumbled under the pressure and killed himself. Kazimier reluctantly took the throne and became the fourth Kazimier to become king of Argona.

Only two years after becoming king Kazimier was hit by another tragedy in his life when Kara and their second child died as she gave birth to him. Devastated Kazimier became a shut in for several months while he mourned the death of his only love, it was not until after his daughter was able to help him through his grief that he was able to govern as he used to, but he has never truly recovered from her death.
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King Kazimier Edwards IV
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