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 Beleganu Gondolin

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Beleganu Gondolin

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PostSubject: Beleganu Gondolin   Mon May 02, 2011 2:47 pm

Name: Beleganu Gondolin


Age: 246

Physical Description:


Beleganu Gondolin is one of the elders of Aleanvirrea clan, and one of the senior Elves within the group. He is the head Diviner by virtue of his age and experience, which, which his acerbic nature, make him a voice that is often difficult to follow in conversation, or even listen to. To the one who listens, wisdom is there to be learned.

His only son is named Neaniver Gondolin, and is a Diviner like his father. The younger Gondolin by one hundred years, Neaniver, is among those who would stand to be the next Chief Diviner at Beleganu's passing.

Beleganu had forged a friendship with Chamberlain, and had from time to time aided in the teaching of the young Bereclan Aleanvirrea.

Even before the Riccio War (civil war), Beleganu made the acquaintance of Aeron Perian of Gwaithenruin, and Avisbud Nethrana, who would become the King's Diviner by virtue of his skill and wisdom, not jut because of his being one of the few surviving members of Utrop's clan. He also made acquaintances in the Dwinanea and Weaver clans, so that he could be part of the chain of communication between leaders when they were far from each other.

Beleganu remained with the Aleanvirrea clan throughout the Septon war, performing the same function of communication with Enedost and the other Clans as well as being head Diviner and one of the wise Elders of Clan Aleanvirrea.
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Beleganu Gondolin
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