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 Neaniver Gondolin

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Neaniver Gondolin

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PostSubject: Neaniver Gondolin   Mon May 02, 2011 2:59 pm

Name: Neaniver Gondolin


Age: 115

Physical Description:

Neaniver is the only offspring of Beleganu Gondilin. His own magic is Divination, which made him automatically (in his own mind, at least) the successor to his Father as Chief Diviner of Clan Aleanvirrea. That he had to be up to the task didn't seem to faze him.

Since he was the only child, Beleganu has been overly protective of the 'boy', not letting him make the mistakes he should and learn. As such, he's a bit awkward and prone to mistakes. Some would say that he's just following in is father's footsteps.

Neaniver has inherited his father's piercing blue eyes and golden blond hair. Of course, Beleganu's hair has turned a dingy gray.

During the Septon War, Neaniver was taken captive and manipulated by the Septons by use of their magics. He was forced to provide false reports about the condition of Imladannon. The resulting injuries to his mind and brain are serious, and some damage may be permanent.
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Neaniver Gondolin
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