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 Rue Drake

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Rue Drake
Rue Drake

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Name: Rue Drake

Race: Half-elf

Age: 72

Physical Description:
Rue Drake  Ruesig1-1

Rue Drake's story begins with her mother's death.

When she was young, Rue tried her hardest to gain as much information as possible about her father from the Drake family elders. After years of no answers, she grew tired of the secrecy and nearly gave up ever finding out who her father was, that was until her mother's passing. Shortly after the funeral for Nyla Drake, Rue was comforting her aunt Morgaine. It was in that time of grief of her mother's sister that the woman told Rue things of her father. She did not give a lot of information but Rue finally knew his name and that was more than nearly a decade of asking had done. Alaesdair Sigurdarsen. According to Morgaine, whilst Rue's mother was working as a bar maiden in a tavern far over in Umbra's capital city, Nyla had conceived a child with Alaesdair. Morgaine did not know whether it was a one time affair or if they were in a longer relationship. What she did know was the elf's name and that Nyla had come crying back home six months pregnant, vowing to never allow Alaesdair near the child. Rue had the inclining to think her parents were in a long-term relationship turned sour. What other reason would her grandmother say Nyla would never remarry because she suffered from an un-fixable broken heart? Either way it was a small detail, Rue did not much care for the details, she just wanted to find her father. She felt like a half-empty half elf. She needed to know the other half of her family, the Drakes were a human family and she has only the children of her cousins and their children's children to call family. She needed something more permanent, not so short-lived. At the same time though, Rue was not disillusioned, she knew what the world thought of her race. Yet even if her father and his family shunned her, at least she would know they exist.

It's been 29 years since her mother's death and she has yet to have found much of a trace of her Alaesdair's existence. Coming from a working-class human family, it was difficult for her to find such information and what little she did find was expensive. But Rue has made a start 29 years ago, by moving to Enedost, where her mother and father met, even working in the same tavern. When she first arrived, she asked about her mother, a few of the regulars remembered her but their memories are blurred from years of drinking.

It wasn't until she had been in Enedost for nearly 20 years when she met a half-elf merchant by the name of Taren Faal that her trend with humans stopped. The two spent every minute they could spare together, Rue thought she had finally found someone with whom she could spend her years happily with. She hadn't been feeling well, on her first day off, Rue went to the doctor. She was pregnant, she went immediately to the apartment her and Taren shared to tell him the news as soon as he returned from work. Taren never came home, he'd been murdered by some thieves. The death pushed Rue into a deep depression. When she finally had the child she couldn't look at it for it reminded her of Taren. She sent the boy away to be raised by her cousin Sarah with the human Drakes.

Rue worked at the Two Kegs Tavern for some time, saving every coin to learn any information she can on Alaesdair Sigurdarsen. This did not last though as soon she quit her job at Two Kegs to work for the house of Dwinanea as the tensions between human and half-elf races reached a high. With the help of new-found friends, Rue was able to meet her father (real name: Firnae) who had been hiding for years from a mysterious past.

During the Umbran Civil War, Rue took a trip to her hometown of Somerset with her teacher Maitria through a necromancy spell. There she saw the horrid treatment her cousin had placed her boy Caden under. Enraged, Rue rode out to the village with Fionn of the Feachnori. Unable to control her anger, the half-elf strangled Sarah Drake in the woman's farmhouse then took her son back to the Blood Mountains to be a true mother to him.

Rue & Magic: The majority of her short education was in the school of Illusion. Although she never felt a strong connection to the magic. Rue had difficulty with the incantation and she has forgotten most of what she learned as a child. It was not until she began working in the Dwinanea estate, that the half-elf was introduced to the dark, illegal magic of necromancy. Rue felt a pull towards the magic and soon was being taught

Updated as needed.
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Rue Drake
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