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 Bronwyn Féachnóirí Airlám

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Bronwyn Feachnoiri Airlam
Bronwyn Feachnoiri Airlam

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PostSubject: Bronwyn Féachnóirí Airlám   Sun May 15, 2011 12:07 pm

Name: Bronwyn Féachnóirí Airlám

Age: 25

Race: Human

Clan: Féachnóirí

Marital Status: Widowed, Larkan Airlám


History: Born the fourth daughter of Aidan and Aiofe Féachnóirí. Bronwyn grew up strong in the ways of the Feachnoiri people. Even learning to handle a sword, although she has never entered into battle, she has confidence in her abilities.

Bronwyn married Larkan Airlám at the age of seventeen and took quickly to her duties as wife of a village leader. She bore Larkan a daughter (Myrna) and son (Lorcan) before he untimely passed in the Umbran civil war to a literal stab in the back from a Bowman soldier. The woman still holds feelings of dislike towards the former enemy of her countrymen.

Since her husband's death Bryn, as she is called by family and friends, took to focusing on raising her son. That was until the Argonans decided to invade. With the taking of the city of Rhunbarad, she and many other women of her village were determined to defend their homeland. Although it had been some time since she last held a blade, Bryn began to help the women learn to fight. Almost overnight her village changed from a place of only women and children to a training camp of sorts.

Now trained, or at least able to swing a heavy sword about, she has decided to join the army with a group of women from her late husband's village to fight for her country and her children's future.
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Bronwyn Féachnóirí Airlám
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