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 Cristian Hadrian Amell

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Cristian Amell

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PostSubject: Cristian Hadrian Amell   Sun Nov 27, 2011 8:46 pm

Name: Cristian Hadrian Amell

Age: 33

Race: Human

Primary Magic: Evocation, Expert

Secondary Magic: Divination

The older brother to Nazarius Amell, Cristian was raised in Wrathgard on the border of Umbra. Though his family life was a good one it seemed that the young boy found himself constantly getting into trouble. To compound that, his younger brother Nazarius had a way of ingratiating himself with their mother and father, as well as all their friends. Cristian found himself thinking of the younger Amell as their parents perfect child, always happy and excelling while Cristian was their problem child struggling to keep up. When Cris came of age he joined the army seeing it as a way to escape the home situation. When he announced this idea to his parents they were delighted and encouraged him, hoping the discipline of military life would straighten him out.

In the army he found his abilities soar along due to the training he received, and the oppotunity to use his magic on others were the only thing that allowed him to get through the training and graduated a lieutenant to a cohort stationed in Enedost. It was there that he again began to act out and got himself into more trouble, mostly for drunken fights and lewd behavior, receiving demerits along the way and only managing to avoid demotion due to his family name. Not until he disobeyed an order and killed several thieves who stole from the armory, they had barricaded themselves in a building and using his evocation magic set fire to the building killing all of them. Richard Bowman, the leader at the time, heard about his actions and reassigned him to the City of Bowman, hoping to keep him away from trouble, where he would serve the rest of his commission. The man watched two wars pass him by from Bowman city and when his time to muster out came he shocked everyone when he decided to re-up and continue you on serving with the Bowman military. Shortly after he was deployed along with several cohorts to Topeli.
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Cristian Hadrian Amell
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