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 Myk Ladenves

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PostSubject: Myk Ladenves   Mon May 02, 2011 2:04 pm

Name: Myk Ladenves

Race: Elf

Age: 88

Magic: Conjuration, Specialist

History: Myk (silent, gentle, soft) Ladenves was born over 88 years ago in the family of Ladenves, one that belongs to the Aleanvirrea clan. Elleth's father and Myk's father were brothers and it was only natural for the cousins to spend a lot of time together, study the art of magic and finally get interested in healing.

As a younger girl Myk followed her cousin's passions and always looked up to Elleth, the later lady Aleanvirrea had a big influence on Myk wanting to become a healer and travel around Umbra to learn the art from people of nonelven origin.

Loyal, modest, shy and very devoted to her people Myk could be very open minded and not holding grudges to any of the other races. She was willing to help, rather hard-working and supportive of Elleth, especially since the other woman married Bereclan.
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Myk Ladenves
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